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Application Fo' Shizzle

Ugh... I just did this whole thing... and LJ deleted it. =[

My name is Jazmyn and I am 16 years old. I live in New York.

If you were going to die in 28 hours, what would you do, and with who would you do this?:
-- If I were going to die in 28 hours, I would probably go to a concert, go out with my friends, and have some fun. I would try to do some things that would help people, and be remembered. I want to die knowing that my life was worth-while... I would probably try to marry Quinn Allman too. =D

List 8 of your favorite bands
1) Dashboard Confessional
2) Brand New
3) Blink 182
4) My Chemical Romance
5) Fall Out Boy
6) The Used
7) Bright Eyes
8) AFI

Promote in one place and give us the link:

Name your top 5 favorite T.V. shows:
1) Mad Tv
2) Comedy Central - Stand Up Comedy
3) South Park
4) American Idol
5) MTV Hits

Favorite candle scent?: Vanilla

What do you think of when you hear the word:
Dial: Tone
Bang: Gun
Pictures: Frames
sexuality: I love the cute boys. <3
DC: Dashboard Confessional

What do you think of the moderators(on the info page)(not required, but this gives you suck up points):
randomtrend: You're very cute... I love your eye color. It's nice... you're lucky.
groundedpenguin: I like your glasses a lot. I wanted to buy a pair like that before, but I didn't think I would be able to pull off the look. Lucky you. =]
___translations: I like that picture so much. I love how the sun is cutting in from the window in the background. It makes the picture look so nice. You look good in it.
atreyu09: I love your hair & make up... and you're extremely nice. =)

Who -- If anyone -- invited you here? Ariel... Atreyu09

Post at least one picture of you, and no more than three. This is required for applying. Break the rules and it is an automatic rejection. I currently don't have any pictures of me. I just bought a new computer some change ago. I'll post them as soon as everything gets loaded.

And lastly...
What can you contribute to this emo community because good taste?: I'll promote you, most definately. I do follow the rules. I'm also unique (as told by another community... but they said it was a bad thing)... and also, I'm truthful. Ask my opinion, I'll give it to you up-front. =)


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