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... okay okay okay tell me what you think ...

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does it hurt?
actually... i think its.... infected. how sick is that? i really dont know of i can keep it in... but YES it did hurt.
that would be gross if it was infected. that's really sad though haha.
yeah... i really dont know why i told you that..... *dies*
haha it's okay don't worry. have you decided if youre going to take it out or not?
got to. ugh. it pissed me off. fucking 45 bucks... down... the... drain.... *dies... again*

it looks awesome.some people dont look good with them.but you deffinatly do.
I like it but I think it ruins the look of your lip ring. Either have one or the other.
i know. thats why i took my nose ring out... plus it got infected.